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10 Oct

10 Ways to Make Traveling Less Stressful

10 Ways to Make Traveling Less Stressful

Long flight layovers, delayed departure times, long check in waits, and TSA lines, among other things, all can contribute to a stressful travel experience. Some aspects of travel are out of your control, but many other factors surrounding a trip you can control.

10 Tips to Make Your Next Journey Less Stressful
  1. Create a Packing Checklist – It can be easy to forget something when packing all at one time. Take the time to create a thorough list ahead of time to ensure you won’t forget anything you’ll need.
  2. Don’t Wait to Pack Last Minute – Don’t rush and pack right before you need to leave. Not being able to find that one item you need can be stressful. Pack the night before well ahead of time and don’t rush. Get a good night’s sleep before traveling and know you are prepared for your journey.
  3. Create a Care Package – Have everything you need for an enjoyable flight at your fingertips. Pack headphones, tissues, towelettes, healthy snacks, a sleeping mask, a book, a notebook, a pen, a backup battery, and anything else you might find beneficial to have on hand.
  4. Have Designated Areas for Your Things – Always pack your items in the same place to prevent misplacing them.
  5. Remember to Charge Your Electronics before Leaving – With charging stations typically everywhere in the modern world, it can be easy to forget to do this and not have enough battery power for your flight.
  6. Take Photos on Your Phone to Keep Track of Everything – Capture receipts right away so you don’t lose them. Take pictures of where you parked, your hotel room number, your rental car, and other key details to remember.
  7. Reserve a Good Seat – Where you sit matters. Check where the seats are on the plane online and make sure you pick a pleasant one.
  8. Arrive Early –  Traffic getting to the airport and long TSA lines are inevitable sometimes. Make sure to arrive early so you’re not stressing over whether or not you will make your flight. Come well in advance and relax.
  9. Check in Ahead of TimeCheck in online to save time waiting in line at the airport. Print tickets ahead of time or save them on your smartphone.
  10. Control How You React to Situations and Have a Positive Attitude – Sometimes delays happen and things don’t always run smoothly on your journey. Make light of it all and don’t waste your energy getting angry about it. It’s just not worth it. You can’t always control what happens, but you can control how you respond to the situation.

Bonus Tip: Arrange Your Transportation to the Airport Ahead of Time 

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