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26 Apr

5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Transportation Provider

5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Transportation Provider

If you’ve been tasked with seeking out the best wedding transportation provider for a ceremony, then you know that you need to get everything one hundred percent correct. Any mishap could have consequences that could make ‘the big day’ a memorable one, but for all the wrong reasons.

Below are 5 key things to look for in a wedding transportation provider with wedding season right around the corner.

Take a Look at the Vehicles

Your provider will, of course, describe their fleet in luxurious terms, but if the big day comes and they send along a set of sub-standard vehicles you will only have yourself to blame. Make sure that you’ve inspected the fleet of vehicles in person before making a decision.

Make Sure You’re Allowed to Explore all Options

When it comes to a wedding budget, keeping everything cost-effective can soon become impossible as costs tend to spiral. Make sure that your wedding transportation provider has a number of options, and explore them all. If you are able to make last minute changes without penalty, then that is another favorable factor.

Gather Independent Testimonials

The days when you were somewhat shooting in the dark when it came to most forms of business are long gone. Thanks to the internet, you should be able to find testimonials written about any wedding transportation provider you are considering. The company should be able to provide you with a few of their own, but independent ones are more worthwhile.

Ask About the Levels of Support That are Available

The poorest wedding transportation providers are those who simply ask for pick up/arrival points and times, then you never hear from then again until the date of the wedding. A quality wedding transportation provider will understand that they form a key part of the day and will keep in touch by giving you regular updates, and by allowing you to contact them whenever you need to.

Ask How Busy They Are

You can tell the quality of a wedding transportation company by gauging how busy they are! If a company has an empty calendar, it may mean they’ve failed to impress people in the past. If a company has a lot of bookings then you should be satisfied that you’re dealing with professional people.

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