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29 Sep

Extreme Clean Commitment

Extreme Clean Commitment
Extreme Clean Means Major Safety Efforts to Keep Clients Healthy

Atchison Transportation Services is going above and beyond when it comes to keeping passengers safe. Everyone who takes advantage of their quality chauffeured ground transportation can rest assured that their staff is doing all they can to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The Extreme Clean Commitment is what the new effort has been dubbed. This initiative lists a comprehensive protocol for cleaning vehicles and maintaining guidelines that will ensure the wellbeing of both clients and employees.

Extreme Clean Goes All Out

From cleaning and disinfecting to distancing and masking, no precaution is being overlooked in order to meet the transportation needs of those looking for a professional ride. With the risks posed by air travel during the pandemic, ground transportation has become a healthier alternative and a great option for date nights or just getting around town.

These new efforts mean that every vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. The deep cleaning includes a washing and sterilization of most every single surface. Even the floors are being mopped to make sure that the cabin is as sanitary as possible for each passenger. There is a special focus on disinfecting high touch areas, which includes the driver’s spaces so that everyone involved is protected.

Extreme Clean Means More Than Just Surfaces

While most of us think of the surfaces that need to be cleaned, we tend not to consider the air being circulated. Fortunately, Atchison has thought of everything. Filters with a MERV 7 rating or higher are being used to remove respiratory droplets as air is distributed by the climate control system.

Members of the same household still have the option of sitting together, but all other passengers who do not live with one another are physically distanced for the ride. All drivers are trained in social distancing protocols and are practicing these guidelines themselves.

Face coverings are required for drivers and other public facing staff of Atchison while also providing hand sanitizer for everyone onboard. The ground transportation industry associations have published protocols that meet or exceed those recommended by national agencies and local governments. From handling baggage to keeping safe distances, Atchison is going the extra mile in making chauffeured transportation a safe option.

Passengers can travel with confidence thanks to these new Extreme Clean Commitment safety protocols. As a leading group transportation provider, Atchison is setting a high bar the entire industry would be wise to emulate. Call Atchison Transportation Services at 800-346-7129 or use the online booking tool to schedule the perfect transportation for your next travel need.