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19 Aug

Government and Military Group Transportation

Government and Military Group Transportation

There are military bases and posts all over the Carolinas. Fort Bragg and Parris Island are two of the most well-known, but there is also Fort Jackson, Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point, and Shaw Air Force base, among others that are in need of government and military group transportation.

Each state has an equal number of military bases: eight bases in North Carolina and eight bases in South Carolina. The Navy is the only branch without a base in North Carolina and South Carolina has a base for every branch except for the Coast Guard.

Military Moves Pose a Unique Need for Group Transportation

Military moves and transfers occur for a variety of reasons. Whether a group of soldiers need to get to a base quickly for deployment, training, a transfer, or other military exercises, a chauffeured group transportation service can do so safely.

Sometimes a military move is just that—a full move, also known as a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). It’s funny that the term used for a full military move is permanent, considering they happen with such frequency. Other times, however, soldiers just need to get to another station safely and with haste. When those times arise, rather than dealing with the hassle of using a privately-owned vehicle, a chauffeured transportation service can be the better way to go.

Chauffeured Transportation Services Make Traveling with Family Easy

When service members or other groups of military personnel want to travel with family, a chauffeured transportation service can provide peace of mind for the service members knowing that their spouses and dependents will arrive back home safely while giving them extra time together.

If using a chauffeured transportation service for official duty, servicepersons may be able to use a Government Travel Charge Card or their per diem to pay for temporary duty and permanent change of station transportation needs. Travel from their home residence or old duty station to a new station is typically covered.

Other needs such as retirement or separation from active duty can also be the cause for needed transportation. Sometimes there is authorized transportation made available from the base to your destination or vice versa. However, when this is not the case, Atchison Transportation Services can provide a ride for your group to or from any airport including Charlotte-Douglas, Asheville Regional, Charleston International, and Greenville-Spartanburg among others.

Call Atchison Transportation Services at 800-346-7129 or use the online booking tool to schedule your government and military group transportation.