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21 Mar

Motorcoach Road Trip

Motorcoach Road Trip
Get Away for Some Fun on a Motorcoach Road Trip

Let’s face it…everyone is hurting! Just as the pandemic seems to ease and we can relax a little, another strain comes along to cause further disruption and discouragement. One of the top Google searches over the past several months has been questions about how to cope with stress and anxiety.

There are many methods people are choosing to handle the pandemic, but one especially healthy way is to take a trip!

Even WebMD cites the benefits of travel on our mental health. “If you’re feeling stressed at work, a vacation can be the best solution,” one recent article reads. A lot of the mental perks of a road trip are attributed to how “exploring new places and immersing yourself in new cultures is mentally stimulating.”

The Best Way to Travel Stress-Free

In a season where it has been incredibly difficult to get out of our routines and ruts, it is time to be more intentional with taking care of ourselves. When it comes to choosing your mode of transportation for a fun getaway, there is one in particular that offers some great advantages over others.

Choosing a motorcoach for your next trip provides an opportunity for even more relaxation, along with the opportunity to spend more time being creative and in conversation with those choosing to come along with you.

Rather than having to worry about the stresses of choosing a route, navigating interstate congestion, or the headaches of flying, those who choose to travel by motorcoach can sit back and relax from start to finish.

The Benefits of Traveling by Motorcoach

A modern motorcoach from a trusted transportation service like Atchison Transportation Services provides amenities like power outlets for your gear, WIFI, on board restrooms, tinted windows, media players, and more. These amenities are just some of the luxurious advantages to choosing a motorcoach road trip!

Why not choose an experienced and comfortable means for getting away to care for yourself or a group of friends and family? Atchison Transportation Services offers a full fleet of motorcoaches with sizes ranging from 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinters all the way up to 57 passenger liners.

A spontaneous motorcoach road trip may be exactly what you need! Call Atchison Transportation Services at 800-364-7129 or easily book your ride online today!