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23 Mar

Pre-Flight Travel Checklist

Pre-Flight Travel Checklist

Our pre-flight travel checklist seem to change with regularity over the years. Any time a new mandate is handed down from the Department of Homeland Security or the TSA, jetsetters have to adjust and reconsider what to bring along for their next flight.

This year has brought more disruption to the airline industry over a longer period of time than perhaps any other. Thanks to the current pandemic created by the novel Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, travelers have experienced whiplash from the changing regulations.

As long-distance travel returns, it is wise to think about what you will need to include in your carry-on when preparing for a flight. Flying during a pandemic is stressful enough so you will want to make sure and ease the anxiety by being prepared ahead of time.

New Documents Are Now Required for Travel in Many Cases

Fortunately, there is some sense of normalcy when packing your pre-flight bags. Being in the midst of a pandemic does not negate the need for proper documentation. Therefore, make sure to have your state issued identification—including a passport or visa for international flights—and clearly labeled boarding pass on hand at all times.

Some locations and airports may also be requiring documented COVID-19 test results proving that passengers are not currently carrying the virus. Depending on the local guidelines, results must be received within a certain time frame prior to takeoff.

It is also possible that travelers may be required to quarantine once reaching their destination. Double check the requirements for your airline and destination to know exactly what you will need as far as testing and quarantine.

Current Travel Demands Some New Carry-Ons

Just as if you were getting out and about around town, you will be required to wear a face mask at all times. Make sure to have a couple of comfortable face coverings on hand and within reach to make for a much smoother experience. A small bottle of hand sanitizer and a pack of disinfectant wipes will also go a long way in keeping you safe.

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