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24 Jun

Safe Group Travel During COVID-19

Safe Group Travel During COVID-19

The numbers keep dropping and the percentage of vaccinated Americans keeps rising. This good news is cause for celebration and explains how life is starting to return to normal along with group travel.

While we can start to breathe a little easier and appreciate how far we have come, we also have to remember that being diligent is what got us to this point. Staying wise and heeding the advice of experts will keep us moving in the right direction.

There are still a handful of precautions we can take in order to stay protected as the pandemic winds down. This includes some safety measures as we return to traveling alongside people from outside of our homes.

People are Unpausing Their Travel Plans

The arrival of COVID-19 had a major impact on transportation—especially group transportation. Rather than focusing on transporting people for business and leisure, many chauffeured ground service providers were forced to maintain core operations with a very slimmed down labor force.

Fortunately, as more and more people are resuming corporate travel or scheduling time away for fun, charter transportation companies that survived the downturn like Atchison Transportation Services are still here to provide safe travel for groups of all sizes.

Along with their typical protocols, chauffeured ground transportation providers also recommend some other ways travelers can maintain their health while on a trip.

Some Tips for Safe Travel

In order to enjoy your upcoming trip and avoid a long recovery after returning home, these steps will ensure you are most protected. First of all, consider driving rather than flying. Riding in a chartered bus or other large vehicle allows more opportunity for distancing than an airplane.

Even smaller groups can secure a spacious bus from transportation providers. While this may not make sense outside of a pandemic, it does provide the opportunity to separate from others while in an enclosed space.

Peace of mind can also be had when you pack your own cleaning and hygiene supplies. Although professional transportation services are diligent to fully clean and disinfect their fleets—especially in between groups—having your own face covering, hand sanitizer, and other supplies on hand (literally and figuratively) will further ensure your health.

Safe group travel is possible with a provider like Atchison Transportation Services. Call Atchison Transportation Services at 800-346-7129 or get in touch online for more information on safe group travel today!