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03 Mar

School Motor Coach Transportation

School Motor Coach Transportation
Solve Your School Motor Coach Transportation Issues with Atchison Transportation

Every morning and every afternoon we are all accustomed to seeing the humble yellow school bus trundling around our streets and towns. It’s the easiest way of making sure that elementary-aged children arrive at their educational destinations, safe and sound.

The school bus is fine for the daily short hop, but what about longer journeys? Perhaps the children at your school are off on a field trip, or an educational or vocational camp, or maybe even a short vacation together.

If you submit children to a journey using a school bus in excess of an hour then they are only going to get restless, plus can you rely upon a vehicle that’s only used for short hops to transport your students 100+ miles?

There’s a Perfect Solution – Hire a Quality Motor Coach Transportation Provider in Atchison Transportation

We don’t have to tell you that children have a short attention span. Also, younger children may find a lengthy journey on a school bus uncomfortable, distressing and boring. The last thing you are going to want is to arrive at your destination with a busload of overtired, distressed or hyperactive little ones!

Fortunately, our team at Atchison Transportation has the ideal solution that will allow your children to spend a relaxing time while on their journey, and to find multiple ways to entertain themselves so that boredom does not become a factor.

For group travel we can supply 55, 56 and 57-seater passenger buses, or 25 or 20-seater passenger minibuses. For small groups, we have 11 or 12-seater vans. Our motor coaches really are state-of-the-art, and come complete with wireless internet, charging stations and even satellite TV. As you would expect of any modern motor coach, we can supply comfortable cabin seating, onboard restrooms, reading lights and overhead storage. Our coaches are fully air-conditioned too.

Naturally, we can also supply regular transportation services for schools and other educational facilities. We provide professional drivers who will do everything they can to get you to and from your destination within the timeframes required, and with supreme professionalism at all times.

Atchison Transportation – The Ideal Solution For All Your School Motor Coach Transportation Needs

To make your reservation or for a free motor coach transportation quote, please contact us here at Atchison Transportation. There is always someone available to take your call, so please reach out to us at (864) 595-1234 or (800) 346-7129. You can also use our online contact and booking form.

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