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25 Jul

Senior Day Trip Transportation

Senior Day Trip Transportation

Transportation for senior days trips is a logistical concern for a number of different reasons. At Atchison Transportation Services, we understand that there are practical considerations at play and we are proud to say that we offer the perfect option for those looking for senior day trip transportation options.

Comfort is Key

For seniors in particular, we understand that it is critical to provide a comfortable and accommodating group transportation service. Not only are our vehicles air conditioned, but many of our coach options are equipped with on-board restrooms. We even have accessible options to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility issues, as well as plenty of legroom and storage. We believe that nobody should have to stay behind, so be sure to let us know about any other accommodations you require and we’ll be happy to make every possible effort to ensure that everyone can participate in your outing.

Convenience Without Worry

The last thing you want to worry about on a day trip is your transportation. So let us do all the worrying for you! We provide convenient and prompt pick-ups at any required location. We work with church groups, mall management, tour organizers, seniors groups, community centers, senior living communities and health centers, among others. Our drivers are trained professionals who will do everything they can to ensure your day goes exactly as planned right from the moment your first guest steps on board to the last stop at the end of the day.

Don’t Let Transportation Troubles Slow You Down

Let’s face it, there’s a harsh reality in our society for senior citizens that they are all too often excluded from social events and other considerations. Therefore, we believe that we are especially fortunate to have an opportunity to help facilitate an active lifestyle for seniors. Whatever your event, we’re excited to be a part of it. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that everyone is included and accommodated.

Just Getting Out Shouldn’t Break the Bank

We also believe that suitable transportation shouldn’t cost a fortune. The more you save on transportation, the more can go towards having a great senior day trip. And that’s what really matters, at the end of the day. So give us a call at Atchison Transportation Services today at 800-346-7129 to discuss your options. We have 68 years of experience in helping our community get around, on time and with comfort. We can’t wait to put those years of experience to work for you!

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