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24 Aug

Take me out to the ballgame…

We here at Atchison were very excited to be a part of the Greenville Drive’s Celebrate Spartanburg Night, as you know we were offering free transportation to anyone that wished to attend the event.

Friends and Family gathering to board the bus

We loaded the bus….

On the bus - ready to go!

Only to arrive at Fluor Field and realize that Mother Nature had other plans….

Wishing for some clear skies....
Waiting for the game to start

The skies did clear for a few minutes and they uncovered the field, swooshed the water around, only to have the sky grow dark and the rain to start again.

Although the game was rescheduled, we had a wonderful time riding the bus to Greenville and spending some time at Fluor Field.

Atchsion Transportation would like to thank everyone that attended and hopefully we find clear skies when we board the bus to take us out to the ballgame (again.)