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24 Jun

Greenville Corporate Transportation

Greenville Corporate Transportation
Avoid Concerns with Airport Safety by Using Greenville Corporate Transportation

With restrictions loosening and more states opening up following the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business travelers need to get face to face again with clients and coworkers. The previously preferred method of Greenville corporate transportation, however, may pose too great a risk for some travelers. The good news is that there is a safer option for travelers whose business will benefit from being in-person again.

The Skies Are No Longer So Friendly

Air travel had become routine for many business travelers and vacationers. Many of us were flying regularly without much need to be concerned for our wellbeing. The coronavirus quickly put a halt to this mindset and lifestyle. Jet-setting back and forth to conduct business or to visit with family has taken a backseat for much of the country.

Even with flights at some of their lowest prices in recent history, the cost to the health of travelers is not worth the monetary savings. As airports start to ramp up, there are a lot of new changes in the process that make it even more of a hassle.

A recent report by airline strategy firm SimliFlying is projecting over 70 different pieces of the process will either be changed entirely or added to in order to account for continued health concerns. The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be similar to 9/11 in its effects on the passenger’s experience in the airport and on the plane.

Corporate Transportation Is Going Long Distance

Fortunately, there is an alternative many people may not have thought of as an effective mode of transportation for out of town travel. Chauffeured ground transportation is a great way for executives, business travelers, and other professionals to make the meeting in person. In fact, it may even provide more benefits than air travel aside from just being a safer option.

Being chauffeured in a private corporate car or SUV delivers peace of mind in knowing that every square inch of the vehicle has been adequately cleaned and disinfected immediately prior to your trip. Courteous and uniformed drivers have been trained on how best to protect the health of their passengers, as well as their own.

Travel to cities like Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, or Nashville can be easily handled by corporate transportation in order to avoid the headache and health risks of flying. When you choose to go with an experienced travel provider like Atchison Transportation Services, you and other passengers will still be able to make the most of your time by getting work done comfortably and with a clear mind while on the road, rather than being anxious about contracting an infection.

Call Atchison Transportation Services at 800-346-7129 or use the online booking tool to schedule corporate transportation for your next business trip.

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