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08 Jun

Beware of Using Ride Sharing Services for Airport Transportation

Beware of Using Ride Sharing Services for Airport Transportation

Over the past decade or so, the world has seen the rise of app based services that now run alongside other forms of both public and private transportation. The concept is simple – you download an app onto your mobile device, then tell the app where you are and where you want to go. The app will then signal an available driver to come and pick you up and take you where you need to be.

When it comes to airport transportation though, it’s perhaps best that you leave the app on your phone alone, and here’s why.

You Can Never Be 100% Sure of Your Safety

Of course, there are a few ‘horror’ stories of people being robbed or assaulted by a ride sharing services driver, but it’s likely that there have actually only ever been a handful of cases. However, if you think about it, when you use a ride sharing service to take you to an airport, you are telling a complete stranger that you’re going to be away from home for a time. Do you want a complete stranger to be in possession of this information? How do you know they can be trusted?

With a professional private chauffeur service you’ll be escorted by a carefully vetted employee of a successful company, not some random college student whom you know nothing about.

What Happens if you Get in an Automobile Accident?

Insurance claims can be problematic if your ride sharing service driver becomes involved in an accident. If you are injured, you may find that you are not covered for your hospital bills. Likewise, if your luggage is damaged or if you miss your flight then you can find yourself significantly out of pocket.

Professional private chauffeur services always have the correct levels of insurance, so you are always covered.

Will You Actually Get to the Airport On Time?

Time waits for no man, and neither do airplanes. If your ride sharing service driver hits traffic, then what happens? Most of them rely on GPS, so what if their GPS systems aren’t clever enough to suggest alternate routes? You could miss your flight.

A chauffer uses the GPS that’s inside their heads from years of being on the road. If you are delayed by traffic, then the chauffeur will take alternative routes to make sure you still get to the airport in time.

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