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07 Jan

Reasons Your Church Group Should Charter a Bus

Reasons Your Church Group Should Charter a Bus

A charter bus has always been a great option for transportation when it comes to church groups! As churches begin planning in-person activities again, charter buses offer a lot of conveniences over other options for getting folks to any destination safely and sanely.

There may have never been a time when getting away is more needed. From quarantining to remote learning, there are many new distractions and responsibilities suddenly taking up all of our time. Without an intentional effort to plan a retreat, daily life will consume all the time we don’t reserve for other important purposes.

Lay Back and Enjoy the Ride

Even for a small group taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone healthy, a charter bus still makes sense and provides the ability to travel together while staying safe. As opposed to personal cars, vans, or minibuses, a chauffeured charter bus allows for maintaining current guidelines like social distancing.

There are also benefits that transcend time and place when it comes to utilizing a charter bus for group transportation for your church family. Rather than focusing on all the details of the route and stops along the way, hiring a charter bus allows a youth or adult ministry director to focus on the event itself.

An experienced and well-trained professional charter bus driver will take care of all the details for you so there will be no second guessing of your decision making or unsolicited opinions shared along the way.

Being able to use your time before the trip for planning the important spiritual aspects of the time away will make a greater impact than searching maps, attractions, and pit stops for the group. For those who have experience in assigning groups of 3-4 students or adults per vehicle for a long carpool road trip, you already know the quagmire it can quickly become.

Charter Buses Provide Greater Convenience and More Fellowship

Other benefits to using a charter bus for your next church group trip include comfy seating, built in entertainment, plenty of room for baggage, and onboard restrooms. The amenities alone make the trip much more enjoyable and feel much shorter.

Riding on a charter bus means more quality time in conversation for you and those in the group. Sometimes stories from the ride end up making it into the tales that get told after the trip even more so than those from the destination itself.

A reputable and quality ground charter bus service provider like Atchison Transportation Service knows how to best manage getting any sized group to any destination. Call Atchison Transportation Services at 800-346-7129 or simply use the online booking tool to book transportation for your next church group trip!

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