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17 Feb

Why You Should Choose Chauffeured Ground Transportation Over Ridesharing

Why You Should Choose Chauffeured Ground Transportation Over Ridesharing

The rise of ridesharing is a fascinating story. Most average users are completely unaware of the soap opera origin story, which has been told on the popular podcast Business Wars. And like many stories—the reality is much more complex and less romantic than the idea on paper.

Ridesharing Has Not Proven to be the Product that was Promised

Ridesharing was originally pitched as a more convenient and all-around better option for people to get wherever they need to be in a pinch. However, ridesharing has not always proven to be a safe and reliable choice for its users.

On top of the preexisting issues and unknowns that accompany the use of ride sharing, now users have to take the threat of COVID-19 into consideration. As recently as the past November, the LA Times reported that experts are still urging passengers to avoid them.

On the other hand, chauffeured ground transportation providers like Atchison Transportation Services remain a steady and reliable option. Punctual, vetted, and well-trained drivers provide clean vehicles while protecting passengers. Although popular rideshare companies claim to require face coverings for everyone in the vehicle, there is simply no way for them to enforce this policy.

Hiring a Professional Provides the Best Protection

Professional drivers wearing gloves are the only ones who will be touching the handles and door frame as you enter and exit our vehicles. These are all spaces that are also properly cleaned and sanitized in between each passenger or group of passengers. No rideshare service can guarantee the level of cleanliness you receive from a chauffeured ground transportation provider like Atchison Transportation Services. Serving your transportation needs while following health guidelines.

The team at Atchison Transportation Services is committed to the highest standards and even goes beyond the recommendations from experts to ensure safe travel for both their drivers and all passengers. Unfortunately, rideshare companies are simply stocking their vehicles with wipes and expecting passengers to wipe down the seat belts, buckles, window buttons, or other high-touch areas themselves.

Given the time crunch under which many of us operate, it is likely that passengers are skipping the self-sanitation and seeing it as optional. This can leave you vulnerable to whatever is left lurking in the vehicle.

For the safest ride and peace of mind, call Atchison Transportation Services at 800-346-7129 or schedule a trip from any device using our online booking tool.

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